March 15, 2012

An Applesauce Un-Recipe

I love food so simple that you really don't need a recipe. Here's an example. After years of just using our slow cooker for soups and stews, I got around to trying to use it to make applesauce. Turns out, it's dirt simple:


Chop several apples into pretty small pieces. Peeled is good. Unpeeled is faster. Your choice. Put the apple pieces into your slow cooker. Leave on high for a few hours until they are quite soft. Use a potato masher or other blunt instrument to gentle crush some of the softened apples. It's a chunky applesauce. No stirring. No spending the morning at the stove checking to make sure nothing is burning or sticking.

Tasty variations:
Put a cinnamon stick or a small dash of ground cinnamon in at the start.
Or use a couple of pears along with the apples.
If you really want this to be a dessert, add a little honey at the start.

Warning: This technique doesn't work so well with Granny Smiths, which don't tend to disintegrate under prolonged heat quite as well as other apples.

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