April 24, 2012

Pea Dip: So Versatile, So Green

A friend of a friend cooked dinner for us in Portland on Saturday night. I was wowed by a delicious green dip she served with cheese and crackers as an appetizer. Double wowed when I realized the simplicity of the recipe. Triple wowed when someone at the table used it as a sort of sauce for the roasted cauliflower served with the main course.

Pea Dip

Roughly chop and saute one onion.
Thaw two bags of frozen peas.
Toss them in a food processor with the onion.
Puree to a consistency similar to hummus.
Garnish with a bit of finely grated Parmeson or other firm salty cheese (or just a pinch of salt to make it vegan).

The color was gorgeous. The flavor reminded me of a bright pea soup I prepared last summer when we had access to fresh peas (with similar ingredients and technique, but cooked longer and thinned with stock). The pureed peas tasted great with the gluten free almond crackers served before dinner (like hummus but lighter, brighter and fresher) and also great as a dressing for the roasted cauliflower she served with the main course. It kept well overnight and was equally delicious with leftover cauliflower the next day. I am definitely adding this to my summer rotation.

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